Welcome to thisisnotmy.email!
A fully featured email prankery email service.

It’s early days right now.
If you have an account, please click the Login link in the menu bar to log in.

What is this all about?

Don’t you hate it when people, businesses, random telephone callers, etc. ask you for your email address out of the blue under the ruse of “providing you a better service”?

Wouldn’t it be great to confidently give them your email address, but with a slight passive aggressiveness to make the situation more awkward for them, and less awkward for you‽

Enter thisisnotmy.email. thisisnotmy.email is a fully functional email service. When someone asks you for your email address, just say:

“Sure, it’s my name at this is not my, all one word, dot email”

And let them decide whether it’s worth continuing on with this worthless data collecting routine.

Can I use thisisnotmy.email as a regular email service?

Well… yes!
This service is a fully featured email service with the ability to send, receive, filter, connect via IMAP/SMTP, contact list, etc.
You can configure it to work on most email clients and mobile email apps as you would any other email service.

Fair warning though, due to the nature of the email address, there is a risk people won’t take you seriously or a database maintenance routine of a shop website may decide the email address is nonsense and delete your account.
Neither of those things should happen though really, this is a proper email service!

Is thisisnotmy.email secure?

Email is inherently insecure. That’s just a fundamental truth.
However, like all other responsible email services, we do use TLS encryption in email transmission to keep it safe on its journey.
PGP email signing technologies are also available for that extra little touch.
If you want a super secure email, see Tutanota or Proton Mail. Doing what they do is does not form part of our goal.

How do I get an account?

At the moment accounts are by invite only.

Eventually, we’d love to get as many people as possible using thisisnotmy.email, so please get in touch by contacting us and we’ll see what we can do.

Currently, this service is invite only.
To get an account, please contact us with your request.

Of course, any contributions to the upkeep of this service are appreciated. Please see the donation links below to help us out.